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It was once desperately suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Nolan masterpiece, Tenet, is finally available at the theatre.

My clumsy brief of the movie: It was a story about one self-posited god-like rich man (Sator) whose business was at the edge of collapsing due to the combined effort of the main characters and the reverted time (I refer the main characters as the “main characters” simply because of their anonymity in the plot).

The complex scenes flashing in and out throughout the movie have already puzzled many, but it was not without any logic string if one examines…

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‘See you!’

Remember when you shut the door and left all things at work? From that moment you are free, and everything work-related is left behind. No more coffee chats, no more meetings, no more burn-out.

‘Just leave it there, and I will be back tomorrow’

Everything is so clear-cut, the lines between Work and Life. You may still be receiving emails, reverting messages, thinking about what your colleagues said during lunch. But you are physically and emotionally disconnected if you so wish to.

But Working From Home has blurred the line.

You wake up, go to the toilet, have…

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You stand for everything that I hated,” said in the open letter drafted by one anonymous user of the subreddit r/wallstreetbets. Ten years after the Occupy Wall Street Movement, a new wave of resentment against the modern capitalist system revives amid the global public health crisis, but this time, it went online. On 22 January 2021, users of r/WallStreetBets initiated a short squeeze on GameStop, pushing their stock prices up significantly after Citron Research and other hedge funds publicly predicted that the stock’s prices are going down soon. …

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I remember when my grandfather told me that he learnt English at night schools in his twenties, the teacher’s attitude was not so good and the tuition fee was really high. But after he learnt and memorized every vocabulary during class for 3 months, he still found it difficult to speak fluently in English.

Yet, 10+ years later, I have had a similar conversation with a friend from Australia, who wanted to explore the world by unaided communication with the locals. And so she started to learn it on her own on the internet. But instead of looking for a…

Credit: Dimitar Belchev

After it’s release in 2017, the movie, Get Out, soon attracted much attention from different spectrum of audience.

A straight interpretation of the movie would definitely be its implication of the power resistance against the dominant racial struggle, especially in the States.

Many may consider the movie as a horror film, but it is also horribly realistic in the sense that the emerging trend of the elimination of racial identity has not only eliminated discrimination but ignored or failed to accept the differences among us.

Anti-humanitarianism is one deeper injustice;

Utilization of human lives is another

There should never be…

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[By Fu Kwong Or Ricky 符廣砢]

I was in Hong Kong in the early spread of the virus.

Here are some observations on how wearing masks saved lives in the city.

Unlike many other usual Lunar New Year holidays (around early February each year), this year’s was horrible. Things suddenly went wrong when everyone started to realize that the virus can actually kill people.

Everyone in Hong Kong got busy finding their face masks.

A single pack of masks was sold at more than USD 30, but you should consider yourself lucky if you could buy one.

There was one…

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[By Fu Kwong Or Ricky 符廣砢]

Every business around the globe got hit by the pandemic. While some of them went broke, many of them are struggling to survive.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for your business to get back on track.

But the following may help you to focus on what matters the most.

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[By Fu Kwong Or Ricky 符廣砢]

Finishing work before 8 pm on a typical business day is considered lucky for many lawyers, especially those who are in the corporate field.

Many of them have to stand-by and reply to client’s emails 24/7

Many law students are pushing for a place at international law firms, but more of them are wondering if it’s worth it at all?

In terms of monetary rewards, those lawyers who work long hours and under great stress in the corporate field can easily have a decent lifestyle that many salarymen would jealous.

But in terms of “Work-Life” balance, there is zero to none.

That’s why some lawyers are considering going freelance. …

[By Fu Kwong Or Ricky 符廣砢]


Growing up in an Asian community surrounded by hardworking people, I have always heard of someone who opens a grocery store or restaurant and proudly raised two to three kids with the help of their spouse, siblings, or other relatives.

It is true that some people simply can’t stand with being an employee to any other person except themselves.

But as a kid who started wondering the “meaning of life” issues ever since the first philosophy class during secondary education, the only motivation for me to build a business is to earn extra money…

Fu Kwong Or Ricky

Postgraduate in Law. Read books on philosophy and contemporary issues. Follow for more content. Contact:

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